.All Black Radio and Diaspora Radio Station are inspired by the legacy of the great west indian entrepreneur, organizer, and communicator, Marcus Garvey.

All Black Radio is dedicated to building and maintaining the leadership position in Internet talk radio while providing quality programming worldwide through an ever-expanding distribution network.


Streaming Internet Radio is quickly becoming the choice of media for many professional and amateur broadcasters. Since Internet radio is still in its early growth, many shows are put on the air that are simply unengaging and boring. All black radio is out to change all that and bring you the most innovative and entertaining radio programming on the Web. Always informative, occasionally uplifting, and often in-your-face political, but always entertaining, we are here to keep you coming back for more of what we call Edutainment.

Allblackradio strives to bring you the best programming at the best quality streaming audio. All of our shows are broadcast and archived in PODCAST-quality audio, allowing you to enjoy the talk and the music wherever you happen to be.

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